Homebound Delivery

The Crete Public Library District (CPLD) strives to connect district residents with the materials, resources, and services available from the Library, even if those residents cannot physically come to the Library building. In addition to digital services available 24/7 to all residents from home, the Library also offers a Homebound Delivery Service to actively connect those who cannot physically come to the Library to the physical resources and services, and opportunities for learning and enjoyment that the Library can provide. For more information please visit our Homebound Policy.


The Homebound Delivery Service at the Crete Public Library (CPL) provides library services to individuals of any age who are residents of the Crete Public Library District, have (or are eligible for) a CPLD library card in good standing, and are unable to physically come to the Library. “Homebound” is generally defined as being confined to one’s residence either temporarily due to illness or accident, or permanently due to disability, age, or other mobility issues. In most circumstances, if a patron drives, they would not be considered homebound, though the Library may consider applicants on a case-by-case basis or may expand homebound delivery in times of need.

Patrons can apply by contacting the Library and discussing the services provided and their needs with a staff member assigned to homebound duties. They will be asked to sign a user agreement attesting to their homebound status. Homebound services are provided at no cost to the patron.

To those interested, you may fill out our Homebound Application.


Materials will be delivered to and picked up from each participant’s residence by library staff. A delivery schedule can be arranged based on the participant’s and staff’s availability but is generally no more often than every other week and is always during library business hours. Participants are usually asked to allow a window of time for delivery instead of an exact time to allow for traffic or other delivery issues.

Services provided

In general, homebound patrons have access to all the materials and some of the services available to visitors of the Library building, including all types of materials, holds, and interlibrary loans. Limits may be placed on the number of materials delivered for the convenience of staff making deliveries or based on the usage of the patron. Staff can also assist with material selection (aka Readers Advisory).

Staff may also be able to assist with setting up the patron’s devices with access to the Library’s digital services, such as ebooks or streaming video services or using the library’s app. Other assistance can be discussed but may be limited based on available resources/equipment, staff knowledge, and/or time constraints.