Sensory Kits


Sensory kits are designed to assist children with sensory processing disorders. Each kit aids a different facet of sensory processing and includes a booklet that explains the function of each item in the kit. Funding for the sensory kits was provided by the Crete Woman’s Club.

Items Info
welcome company puzzel Relaxation 1
Included in this kit are HearTek Kids Earmuffs, a weighted lap pad, Tactile Tiger hand fidget and two books.
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Emotions & Feelings
Included in this kit are mood spots, Todd Par Feelings flashcards, a handheld mirror and two books, The Way I Feel and The Color Monster.
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Included in this kit are Teaching Tac-tiles, Koosh balls, Sensory rollers, Tangle Jr, Loopeez and two books: Jungle Slide and the Play Book and Follow Me Around the World.
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Movement I
Included in this kit is, a blue sensory sock, Body Poetry Yoga Cars and two books; You Are a Lion and Can You Make a Scary Face.
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Movement 2
Included in this kit are a balance board, Ticki T Silishapes and two books: From Head to Toe and ABC Yoga Books.
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Included in this kit are a weighed lap dog, Bitty Bottom seat cushion, neon stretch strings, a dry erase board, visual timer and the book It’s Hard to be a Verb.
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