Library Reopening FAQs

An update from our Executive Director and the Board of Library Trustees (7/2/20) can be found here.

While our doors are closed, library staff will be answering phone calls from 9:30 am – 7 pm on Monday, 9:30 am – 5 pm on Tuesday-Friday and 10 am – 2 pm on Saturday. Call us at (708) 672-8017. We are also available by email at or via Facebook Messenger.

When will the library building reopen?
Update 6/29: The library is planning a phased reopening. Beginning July 6, we will offer computer use inside the building. Computer usage is limited to six stations on the first floor, situated a safe distance apart. Due to the limited availability of computers, we ask that they be used for essential tasks (filing for unemployment, searching for a job, creating a resume, or accessing email) rather than for entertainment.

What do I need to do to use a computer in the library?
You may call the library at 708-672-8017 to schedule a computer appointment. Up to 2 appointments can be made within a 2-week period. Sessions are 60 minutes for Crete Public Library patrons and 30 minutes for guests. Drop-ins are welcome if there are computers open.

For everyone’s health and safety, social distancing and masks covering both nose and mouth will be required of all computer users.

What hours is Curbside Delivery offered?
Update 6/16: Curbside Delivery hours are 10 am – 7 pm on Monday, 10 am – 4 pm on Tuesday-Friday, and 10 am – 2 pm on Saturday. Up to 15 items at a time can be delivered including a maximum of 5 AV items: a combination of movies and up to 2 video games.

Can I still place holds?
Update 6/16/20: Yes! You can still access our online catalog and place holds. You will be placed in the holds queue, as usual, and will be notified when those items are available for pick-up. Currently, only Crete Public Library materials are available to reserve because there is no delivery service from other libraries yet. After a hold is placed, please allow 24 hours for processing. Once the item(s) is ready for pickup, the library will call you. Please do not come to the library before receiving this notification. You will have 7 days to pick up your materials.

Can I receive help with photocopying, printing, scanning, and faxing? Yes, we are now offering those services through Curbside Delivery. Please contact the Information Desk at 708-672-8017 for more information.

Is notary service available?
Yes, during our Curbside Delivery hours, when a notary is available. Please phone the library in advance at 708-672-8017.

How does Curbside Delivery work?
Update 5/27/20: At the library, there are now four designated parking spaces for Curbside Delivery. The parking spots are marked with signs featuring Wilbur the Pig, Harry Potter, Coraline, and the Mo Willem’s Pigeon along with the library’s telephone number. Once parked, please call the library and tell us which spot is yours. The library staff member will then ask for your library card number so the item can be checked out to your account and a due date slip printed.

Please remain in your car. A library staff member wearing PPE will bring your item(s) out in a bag. To verify your transaction, hold up your library card through the window. If possible, pop your trunk and the item(s) will be placed inside. If your vehicle does not have a trunk, item(s) can be placed in the backseat.

If you prefer to walk, instead of drive, to the library, the same procedures will be followed at a table under the canopy at the library’s entrance. Please maintain a 6-foot distance from the library staff member when the items are brought out to you.

If you have materials to return to the library, please use the book drops instead of the curbside delivery service. For safety reasons, curbside delivery staff will not accept materials for return. All materials returned to the library will undergo a quarantine process which begins at the book drops. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

I have an item that’s due while you are closed. What should I do?

Update 5/18/20: our book drops are now open. Due dates have been extended until at least June 29 and fines are not being charged at this time.

For safety, all materials returned will undergo a quarantine period before being checked in and cleared from your account.

If you find that the book drops are full when you come to return materials, please do not leave them outside. Instead, we request that you bring them back at another time. We will be emptying the book drops as often as we can and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this unprecedented situation.

What about overdue fines?
There will be no overdue fines for items incurred during the time we are closed.

What should I do if I receive overdue or late notices?
You can ignore them for now.

Can I access all the online learning resources?
Yes! As long as you have a library card number, you can use a number of our research databases as well as several ebook, audiobook & movie databases. We are also updating our Facebook with information on digital resources you can view outside of the library.

My library card expired, I have fines/bills, or I don’t have a card, so I can’t view any digital resources!

  • If your library card expired in 2018 or later, it will be automatically reinstated until July 2020.
  • Cards with fines/bills less than $100 have also been temporarily reinstated.
  • If you do not have a library card, you can now register online. Fill out the form, and you will immediately receive a temporary number, which will allow you to access online resources only. When the library reopens, you will need to come in and follow our standard procedures to verify your address for full library privileges.
  • If you are still having issues or need your library card number for access to online resources, please contact us at 708-672-8017 or

Can I still donate items?
At this time we are not accepting donations. Please do not leave materials at the library. We’ll let you know when we are accepting donations again.

If you haven’t already, please read this message from the Library Director and Board of Trustees.