Printing, Copying, Scanning, & Faxing @ the Library

The library offers printing, scanning, faxing, and photocopying services, often in more than one department. For more information or questions please contact the Information Desk by phone (708-672-8017), in person or by email at

PrintingBlack & white: $0.10 per page/side
Color: $0.25 per page/side

The library accepts cash and credit or debit cards for printing.*
Patrons can print documents from any of our public computers and/or laptops.

Double-sided prints are not available via the printer, but single-sided prints can be converted to double-sided at our photocopy machine for a cost of $0.20 each. 11x17 prints are also unavailable at the print stations.

Documents may also be sent from a home computer to print at the library via our wireless printing service. Visit our Wireless Printing page for details (same printing fees apply).

* Please note there is a temporary $15 hold placed on credit/debit cards. This charge is removed and replaced with the actual cost of the printing, usually within 24-48 hours based on your bank's policy.
FaxingA credit or debit card is required.

Domestic Faxing Fees:
First Page: $1.75
Additional pages: $1.00 each
A confirmation text can be requested for an additional fee.
The library offers a public fax service for outbound faxes only at a self-service kiosk.

The library does not accept any incoming faxes or provide cover sheets. This service is provided by a third party vendor. Disputes for charges must be directed to Fax24 at 888-271-5666 or
ScanningThere is no cost for emailing or saving the scans. Regular printing charges apply to printouts.The library has a self-service scan station for scanning documents/photos. After scanning, documents/photos may be sent via email, saved to a USB drive, sent to the Cloud (via Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox), sent to a smart device, or printed. There are a variety of formats in which the documents/photos can be saved, including PDF, JPEG, Word, and more.
PhotocopyingPhotocopying fees are as follows:
Black & white: $0.10 per page/side
Color: $0.25 per page/side
Photocopiers only accept cash (up to a $5 bill) and will issue change.
The library has two self-service photocopy machines available, one on each floor.
Photocopiers will make color or black & white copies on 8.5x11, 8.5x14, and 11x17 paper. Other functions may include double-sided copies, reducing/enlarging, document feeder and sorting for multiple page copies, and more. While library staff will assist to the best of their abilities, it is the responsibility of the patron to pay for all copies, even those to "test" amount of enlargement, quality of copy, etc.