Download E-books, Magazines & More

The library is always adding to its digital offerings. Three different services are available that allow patrons to download digital items to their computer or devices. All services are available to Crete Library card holders.

My Media Mall (powered by Overdrive)
With Overdrive, you can borrow and enjoy free eBooks, audiobooks, and more from the library’s online collection.

gives you access to more than 8,000 titles, many of which are unavailable elsewhere, and/or are available sooner than you might find from other services.

lets you download digital versions of select magazines to your computer or devices.



Help Downloading

Need help using one of the digital services? Check out the information below. If you need more help, Book a Librarian for a one-on-one, hands-on help session.

My Media Mall (powered by Overdrive):
Comprehensive support site from Overdrive.
Visit the Crete Public Library’s guide for devices capable of using apps & additional steps for Kindle/Kindle App users.

Axis360 (powered by Baker & Taylor):
Comprehensive support site from Baker & Taylor.
Quick Getting Started Guide
Axis360 Youtube Support Channel

Comprehensive support site from Zinio.